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We can repair holes or damp crumbling plaster or remake entire walls rooms and surfaces - again a quality  Job depends on surface preparation and taking care to remove debris and clean surfaces You maybe surprised to to find out how weak old plaster really is - once plaster needs attention It can involve cleaning walls back to brick work cleaning loose surfaces and rebuild - crumbling plaster can be a sign damp - this will only get worse as time goes by

• Fungus • Mould • Decor Damage  • Floors and Rafters • Dry Rot

Our UPVC Fascias Soffits and guttering means you save Money  - today and for years to come, no more painting, Low maintenance virtually install and forget  our no fuss Upvc services mean expert installations that will Add value to your property with peace of mind

Painting …Interior and exterior we provide a full surface preparation service. We only use quality paints from well known manufacturers for years of good results, surface protection and finish in many colours and textures